Firstly thank you all for your continued support during the pandemic, I know we are all strapped for cash in this uncertain time, and all of you supporting and sharing my small business really does mean the world. With the exception of any samples, pre-made one-offs, and face masks, everything is made to order by me. Usually they would take around 2-3 weeks but at this time it's likely due to postage waiting times, both in me waiting for materials, and the post then getting to you, that your new garments will take around 4 weeks. If you have ordered please be aware of these new waiting times, and I will try and keep you updated if anything changes. In terms of cleanliness I am taking the utmost care, and at this point I really only leave the house for the post office, which I am also now only doing once a week. Thanks so much for being patient, and huge apologies for any inconvenience caused with the waiting times.

All the love, 

Cat x


Graduate Collection available via commission - email for more details.

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