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How to measure yourself for a corset:

Using a tape measure:

- The the circumference of the smallest part of your waist, pulled tight.

- The widest part of your chest, across the nipples, pulled tight. It is best to do this without a bra as this is likely how you will wear the corset. 

Once you have these measurements, refer to the size guide below corset listings. If you're between sizes, we recommend sizing down as the lacing allows lots of leeway and can cinch you in! PS our size guides are in inches so take this into account when measuring. 

If you're ever worried about your size not being within the parameters of the size guide (i.e large bust) just leave your measurements in the order notes, and I'll be sure to accommodate (the beauty of made-to-order clothing!)

Where can I see your size guide

Size guide for items are listed on each item description. If you're after a custom order like a corset we can email a size guide to you!


How long will my order take to make?

Generally orders are on a 2-4 week wait time for production. All items are made to order, and are stated as such. This means when you place your order, the item gets made, unless stated otherwise for samples/one offs, etc. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we are based in the UK but can ship anywhere.

How much does shipping cost?

UK postage is £5.50 standard tracked & signed for. Worldwide postage is £15 at the moment, it just seems to keep rising. If you are a Brighton local get in contact and we can arrange you picking it up! We post using Royal Mail.


What is deadstock fabric?

Deadstock fabrics are surplus materials produced by textile mills, or are end of rolls left over from larger designers that have no use for such small quantities. They are basically leftovers from the industry that are being saved from landfill. 

Why deadstock?

When I embarked on Cat O'Brien after my degree, I used it as an opportunity to make use of all the fabrics I'd accumulated over 3 years. Not wasting what materials already exist always felt important to me rather than buying new. I use deadstock websites for everything, as well as rummaging in charity shops, antique shops, and trawling eBay. 

What other sustainable practises do you use?


  • Recycled plastic bottle ribbons to lace up the corsets

  • Recycled polyester thread to sew the garments

  • If any interfacing is used this is also usually either deadstock or recycled polyester. 

  • All our items are sewn by Cat in house, or in the case of tshirts, are printed locally in the UK, so our footprint is as low as possible.

What about your packaging?


All packaging is either recycled or recyclable. I reuse all bags/tissue paper/etc that comes into the house! This may mean that what is delivered to you comes in a reused bag, but what is inside is all shiny and new. Any new postage bags and boxes are cardboard and are therefore totally recycleable. The same goes for the tissue paper that the clothes are wrapped in, it is either reused from something I've ordered, or is made from recycled materials. 

Of course we are not perfect! I still buy new bias binding, eyelets (metal and therefore could me melted down to be reused one day) sometimes lining fabrics are new, etc. But we are doing the best we can, and I hope to keep the effects of this brand minimal on the environment in the long run. 


How to care for my corset

In terms of corset care, they are better off hand washed, but I have tested them out in the washing machine on 30 degrees, for a short amount of time. Do not tumble dry, but they can be ironed. 

Can I wash my clothes?

For anything other items (shirts etc) you can wash these as you would your other clothes. Pay attention to what they're made of, but a linen shirt can go in with any other cottons/linens, etc. 


How can I order a corset in a specific colour way or fabric?

Just drop me an email and I'll do the rest! 

Have a look at our commissions page here. Please note if ordering a custom order for a specific occasion, lead times are 8 weeks. 

What information do you need for a custom order?

Whatever you can give me! If you just know you want a green or purple corset, that's totally fine, or maybe you have a reference image you've seen and would like to go from. As with my normal garments, commissions are also made from deadstock fabrics too. Let us know what you're after and we'll find a sustainable option for you.

How much are commissions?

Custom corsets are £150 currently. Enquire for a quote of anything else.

I've got some of my own fabric I'd like made into a corset, can you do this for me?

Of course! I love making really personal corsets made from fabrics people already have. I have even turned someone's leather jacket into a corset. If you send your own fabrics I can also discount the price for you!



Do you offer alterations?

Yes! We offer alterations for just £25. Another bid to keep Cat O'Brien circular, if you find your previously bought items might need some fine tuning, just pop us an email. 


Do you offer alterations outside the UK

Sadly not at the moment. It isn't really worth it for you or me with all the added postage costs, I'm sure you could find a more local tailor to alter it for you!

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