Cat O'Brien

Cat O'Brien is a brand that has stemmed from a lifelong attraction to British Historical clothing and displays of grandeur through dress, combined with an inherent draw to all things costume, be that Monarchical or Halloween. The designs draw on a combination of classic clothing references and close attention to period details, alongside humorous twists. While my personal passions in social and wider ecological World issues drive me, it is always presented in my work through a comedic lens, and mostly we aim to create the clothes I feel have been missing from my life.

Since graduating in 2019 from a Fashion degree at UCA Epsom, I have honed my brand into what you see today, specialising in historically inspired, yet modern one off garments made from remnants and dead stock fabric, as well as made to order corsets that take a 'slower' approach to fashion. We aim to give back to communities as often as possible, ensuring we give to charities through initiatives like Secondhand Cat. Sustainability comes into conversations constantly within the studio environment and we aim to make as much as we can have at least a second life.

Above all we aim to create pieces you'll want to invest in and keep, in the knowledge you have purchased something created in the most mindful way possible.  All pieces are designed and made in house by a small team of wonderful women in our Brighton studio.