cat obrein commission.jpg


Welcome to our new market place for rehoming your old Cat O'Brien items. Got something from an old collection of mine that no longer fits, or no longer fits your style? Maybe it's just ended up being sat in a drawer for a year and you'd like it to have a new lease of life. I am so proud to have a customer base that are interested in this type of scheme, and I'm so genuinely thrilled, as a life long second hand shopping fanatic, to be able to solidify my own garments as things to be treasured, and passed on, but not thrown away. 

This is the new platform for people to rehome Cat garments, where people can easily access them. I've built my brand around sustainability, and it feels wonderful to know these items that have been built to last, can continue to be worn.

As well as hopefully finding items you've been after for a while that I no longer make, it will also be able to run at a more accessible price point than new items, with 20% of the proceeds going to charity too (think of it as a fancy charity shop)


Illustration by Jika Edstrom of Ugly Ladies