Wardrobe Essentials
A/W 2021

This new collection has been a long time in the making, and is a capsule of mix and match appropriate "core" pieces, that I see as essentials for Cat O'Brien. The elements of the brand that are integral still persist, plenty of historical references and attention to period details, while remaining as sexy and sustainably conscious as ever. 

The collection consists of the corsets we've come to be known for, alongside plenty of new pieces to help the brand grow with me. The highly coveted lace-up skirts and a Victorian Bomber Jacket that has been adapted from a previous collection lead the way for the new pieces. I want the wearability and enduring style of my brand to be paramount at all times, so there are some things you will recognise popping back up, the 18thC blouses return as you know them, and as you've never seen them before. I commissioned a signature Leopard Print and Toile de Jouy print from young artists Ashmita Bissessuer and Georgie Collinson respectively last year, and I'm thrilled to finally get them out there as I'd always imagined (although you may recognise them from the Halloween colour ways I had them out in, in October 2020). 

I have worked with a talented metalwork artist Tamzin Schneeberger to perfect a brass belt buckle we can finally sell, having teased it since last A/W. I am thrilled to be able to support the work of other young artists and continue to use deadstock fabric and sustainable practices throughout the body of work.

The collection is a labour of love that has been a long time coming, and is available to shop now (here)!

Cat x

I worked with a wonderful talented team on this project, without whom the output that I am so proud of would never have been possible. 

Photographer: Ant Belle

Assistant: Lucy Ratcliff

MUA: Shane Preston

Beautiful models: Zaynab & Evie

Cat's Leopard Print designed by Ash Bissessur

Cat's Toile de Jouy designed by Georgie Collinson

Belt Buckle designed by Tamzin Schneeberger

Shoes by Cat O'Brien & styling pieces all from my personal collection of vintage and Victorian accessories. 

Special thanks to Harbinger of Bloom for the beautiful custom flower bouquets, and Slab Jewellery for loaning us their fantastic pieces for the shoot.

           Explore our previous collections below.            

Cat's Halloween Party
winter 2020

Huge thanks to all the wonderful women that helped me bring this collection to life! I'm so thrilled to have been able to work with these people, especially with three of them being UCA alumni too.

Green & Black 'Halloween de jouy' French inspired illustrations: Georgie Collinson

Red & Orange Halloween Leopard Print:  Ashmita Bissessur

Brass Cat O'Brien Logo Belt Buckle: Tamzin Schneeberger

Leopard Print Clay Earrings: La Palette Studio

Designs, styling, construction, photographs, and stunning modelling all Cat O'Brien


Postcards From Lockdown
summer 2020 collection

Designs, Styling, Creative Direction, Drawings, and incredible graphic design: Cat O'Brien

Photography: Belle O'Brien


'Cat's Coven'
Graduate Collection 2019

Designs, Styling, and Accessories: Cat O'Brien

Photographer: Georgia Williams

Make-Up Artist: Chase Hayden

Models: Anna Foxabbott & Cordelia Ostler

Revisiting pre-collection research_ La G

'The Glutton'
Pre-Collection 2018

Designs and Styling: Cat O'Brien

Photographer: Poppy Marriott

Models: Jamie Cottle & Emily Connick

Accessories: Stylists own

Special thanks to Westland Antiques for the wonderful location.