Swimming Hat Bag

AVAILABLE 01/07/2020


Going on a summer holiday? Me neither. Welcome to the Summer Collection for your back garden. 


Would a Cat collection be complete without a silly bag? Absolutely not. I wouldn't advise swimming in this, but it should hold your phone, your purse, and a capri-sun. Measuring  about 10" at it's widest point and 6" in depth, you can get a deceptive amount inside. The straps are hand tied on so if you want them to be longer/shorter you can adjust accordingly. Made from 100% dead stock cotton, and deadstock satin lining, combined with some rope I bought about 3 years ago and never used, they are as sustainable as they are cute. 


These bags are made to order so please allow around 2 weeks for your new purchase to arrive. Due to COVID, orders are currently taking up to a month as their have been such wildy different delivery times, but I will of course endeavour to get things out to you ASAP. Made to order is a far more sustainable way to make new clothes as it means I am not making surplus that could end up un-sold!


*I ran out of fabric to make samples in the other colours just yet, so for the time being these are only in red stripe, but I will get to it and the others will be available in due course. 


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