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These corsets are all either samples, one-offs made from odds and ends of fabrics I have knocking around, or perhaps the odd returned item. All details on any imperfections and measurements for the corsets will be listed below. Please read carefully as these are non-refundable. Do expect patchworked together lining, unmatching grain lines, and varying binding. These things will not really affect how your wonderful corset looks, but is all in the name of sustainability and keeping the brand as zero-waste as possible!


As usual, these corsets will come with the appropriate ribbon to lace them up with, are unboned, and have been bonded to the lining to make them strong enough to cinch you in, in a slightly less restrictive way. 


Size guide is below. Apologies that there aren't often very large sizes for the remnants, I'm just squishing patterns on to whatever fabric I can! 



  • Gold & pinstripe corset top with cream lace. Size M. Many remnants, no imperfections. you're thinking the gold AND silver binding might be a bit much for you, you shouldn't be able to see the silver when it's on as it should be covered by the cream lace. 
  • Return Policy

    Due to these being imperfect corsets listed for so cheap I will not be accepting returns and they are non-refundable. Please read the captions under the corset carefully so you are clear what you are buying!

  • Size Guide



    (in inches)


    (in inches)

    XS 22-24 28-30
    S 26-28 32-34
    M 30-32 36-38
    L 34-36 40-42
    XL 38-40 44-46


    The corsets will suit anyone with waist sizes up 3 inches larger than what is listed i.e: if a corset's closed waist size is 26", it should still suit anyone up to a 29" waist (and give you a true 18thc wench look.)


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