Red Velvet Corset

PLEASE BE AWARE I AM CURRENTLY IN THE PROCESS OF TRASITIONING THE CORSETS TO COTTON VELVET. The sample photo of the classic corset (pointed front) is now the fabrics they will be in - this is because as beautiful as it is I was uncomfortable with the silk velvet being non-vegan. Thank you for being patient through this time! If you still would rather a silk velvet corset, don't hesitate to get in contact and we can work something out.


Be a vision in velvet. These corsets will make a fabulous addition to your witchy wardrobes. Wonderful for yourself, as a gift for a someone, or for your local Victorian fanatic.


These garments are made to order so please allow around 2 weeks for your new purchase to arrive. Made to order is a far more sustainable way to make new clothes as it means I am not making surplus that could end up un-sold! Being made to order also means if you don’t think you fit the sizes available, email me and I should be able to cater to you. I will endeavour to get orders to you as soon as possible, if you need it for a specific date do not hesitate to message me prior to buying and we can work something out.


These corsets are not boned but are strengthened by the outer fabric being bonded to the lining. Being not boned makes them more comfortable than a traditional corset but still structurally sound enough to cinch you in. Another new element on the velvet corsets is that the eyelets are not metal but are hand sewn by me, just as Victorian women did. A lovely nod to traditional corsetry techniques. All orders will come with the appropriate ribbon to lace up the corset.


Please note that colours may differ due to dye differneces when ordering fabric. This is not down to me as I get my fabric from the same place every time, but unfortunately the colours do often appear differently. You can see this in the first image where I've used two different orders to make the sample and the side panels look a bit different (don't worry yours wont look like this)

  • Size Guide



    (in inches)


    (in inches)

    XS 22-24 28-30
    S 26-28 32-34
    M 30-32 36-38
    L 34-36


    XL    38-40          44-46        
    XXL 42-44.         48-50        

    Measure the smallest part of your waist and the widest part of your chest (across the nipples) tightly. If you wear a bra I would advise doing this without a bra as this is more likely how you'll wear it. 

    If you are on the cusp of a size (for instance 25" waist) I would advise sizing down if you want that classic 18th century wench look, the corset will still fit fine and will just have that traditional gap at the back with the lacing up. If you are worried or have a larger bust/waist for instance than what is listed, just add it to the order notes and I will adjust the size of your corset accordingly.

  • Care Info

    - Due to the delicate nature of these corsets they are best being hand washed, alternatively I tested and you can wash under 30 on a short wash!

    - Outer of the corsets is 100% silk so please treat them with care. 


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