One-Off Linen Shirts

One-Off Linen Shirts

One-off linen shirts. 

These are made from deadstock fabrics and based off the pattern for the 18thC shirt from the Summer Collection. I'm so so pleased with them and if they do well I'll definitely keep up with doing these. Both have an 'oversized' fit and would fit roughly up to a UK size 12, but please check the measurements and details below for specifics as they will be non-refundable. 


Red Linen Chintz: This is a coated linen which is so beautiful! It is a slightly cropped length as that's all I could fit on the amount of fabric, and has some slightly sticky stuff inside (pictured above)  from where it's had masking tape on the roll for some reason - such is the nature of deadstock! It's only inside and should come out in the wash and is reflected in the price!

Length: 18" (shoulder to hem)

Width: 22" (entire circumference 44")

Neck: 15"

Wrist: 8"

Arm length: 21"


Blue linen shirt: There are no flaws to this shirt it is beautiful! I made a one off for a friend but made sure I bought enough to be able to make one up for grabs too.

Length: 22" (shoulder to hem)

Width: 23" (entire circumference 44")

Neck: 15"

Wrist: 8"

Arm length: 23"


  • Keeping this brand as eco-friendly as possible is so important to what I am doing. Creating new beautiful clothes with waste fabrics is how I started but that is not all that goes into a garment. Here's some other things we do to run as sustainably as possible:

    • Deadstock and remnant fabrics for the outer and lining of the garments, these are either surplus materials from other brands, found materials from charity shops, eBay etc, or my personal remnants from other projects. 
    • Recycled plastic bottle ribbons to lace up the corsets
    • Recycled polyester thread to sew the garments
    • If any interfacing is used this is also made from recycled polyester. 
    • Postage bags: I reuse all bags that come into house! This may mean that what is delivered to you comes in a reused bag, but what is inside is all shiny and new. Any new postage bags that come in are cardboard and are therefore totally recycleable. The same goes for the tissue paper that the clothes are wrapped in, it is either reused from something I've ordered, or is made from recycled materials. 
    • Everything is sewn by me in my house!

    Of course we are not perfect! I still buy new bias binding, eyelets (metal and therefore could me melted down to be reused one day) sometimes lining fabrics are new, etc. But we are doing the best we can, and I hope to keep the effects of this brand minimal on the environment in the long run. 


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