Long Beach Bloomers

AVAILABLE 01/07/2020


Unfortunately due to the deadstock nature of the fabrics I chose, the grey option will not be availible initially. I will set out to find a new sustainable grey stripe in the mean time and hopefully they'll be able to be availible soon. 


Going on a summer holiday? Me neither. Welcome to the Summer Collection for your back garden. 


Just what we've all been waiting for to come back into fashion since the invention of the modern undergarment. A bloomer! Really these are just 3/4 length shorts and I can't wait to demurely flash my crack to anyone looking too closely. These are made with 100% deadstock cotton and do up with satin ribbons. They are the same shape at the front and the back so you can decide whether you want the opening to be at the front or the back.. I never said they weren't sexy. 


These garments are made to order so please allow around 2 weeks for your new purchase to arrive. Due to COVID, orders are currently taking up to a month as their have been such wildy different delivery times, but I will of course endeavour to get things out to you ASAP. Made to order is a far more sustainable way to make new clothes as it means I am not making surplus that could end up un-sold!


Choose from either stripe options and let me know your measurements in the box. 

  • Sizing

    Rather than using a traditional sizing chart for these, the shape of it lends to fitting ANY SIZE! I've always wanted to have garments I can easily adust to any body shape or size and here they are! Add the following details to the custom sizing measurement box by simply measuring:

    The Length you want it to be on your body, starting at your waist and ending at the calf point the hem will sit at. 

    The Leg Width you need. Where-ever you want the shorts to end on your leg, then measure the circumference of your calf. 

    Waist Width the smallest part of your waist. 

    For reference I am 5'6 and a UK size 8 and mine are 27" from waist to hem, and my shin (I personally did about 2" below my knee, and my calf is 15" wide.)

    Any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!


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