Linen Summer Shirt

Linen Summer Shirt

AVAILABLE 01/07/2020


Going on a summer holiday? Me neither. Welcome to the Summer Collection for your back garden.  


This shirt is directly inspired by my penchant for historical clothes as usual. It's the light billowey statement shirt I've been waiting for my whole life, and is a barely updated version of a traditional 18th/19thC mens shirts (when weren't they wearing these tbh). Now, in the chaotic year of 2020, this deadstock linen number is your new beach coverup, Seinfeld costume, or business blouse. 

This shirt comes with lace ribbon sewn into it tie it up the neck and cuffs, but if plain satin ribbon is more your style, please don't hesitate to add it in the notes of your order with the size. 


These garments are made to order so please allow around 2 weeks for your new purchase to arrive. Due to COVID, orders are currently taking up to a month as their have been such wildy different delivery times, but I will of course endeavour to get things out to you ASAP. Made to order is a far more sustainable way to make new clothes as it means I am not making surplus that could end up un-sold!

  • Rather than using a traditional sizing chart for these, the shape of it lends to fitting ANY SIZE! I've always wanted to have garments I can easily adust to any body shape or size and here it is! Add the following details to the custom sizing measurement box by simply measuring:

    The Length you want it to be on your body, starting at your shoulder and ending at the hem. This could be dress, shirt, or even crop length. 

    The Width you want it to be, the sky is the limit as it is really just made from a glorified square. 

    Sleeve Length from shoulder to wrist. 

    Neck circumference The whole circumference of your neck (I don't like mine too tight so I added some inches onto this .. it's not a choker (unless you want it to be))

    Wrist circumference The same as for your neck. Maybe you want this to be able to tie up super tight or maybe you don't. Totally up to you.

    For reference I am 5'6 and a UK size 8 and mine is 28" from shoulder to hem, and 23" wide, and I made it to be able to be one of my usual risque dresses, but can absolutely be tucked in as a shirt. 

    Any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!


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