Black Velvet Corset Top - XS

Black Velvet Corset Top - XS

Welcome to Secondhand Cat! Thank you for supporting this new venture, trying to keep Cat O'Brien a circular brand. 


This black velvet top is from one of my very first drops of corsets. I fuse fabric together to make my corsets, and this one is actually fused to velvet.. so it's also velvet on the inside. The ludicrasy of that is reflected in the price. Far from my best work but it will still look great on! Measurements are below. 

Waist - 22-24"

Bust - 28-30"


Everything on this page will be secondhand, and be looking for a new home. So don't expect perfection! Items will have been fixed up slightly if necessary, ready for their new lives, but still are unlikely to have quite the finish of a brand new item. 


I wanted the price of these to be (kind of) charity shop prices to reflect their second life. 20% of the sales will be donated to charity, which will be changed periodically. The first charity is Jae Holland's top surgery fund which you can read more about here