CAT O’BRIEN x FATMA GÛL remnant collaboration. 


Fatma Gûl is a Fashion Textiles BA graduate from the University of East London. Gûl grew up within the Kurdish culture, where she was highly influenced by the textiles work of the villagers for their dawry, and led her to studying her textile print based degree. Fatma's graduate collection, Bleeding Flowers is a very personal concept potraying a child’s nightmare; early age marriage. This is an issue which is not only a case in Middle East, but also in Asia, USA, and Ireland. She sought to bring awareness to this matter, and promote education for girls, rather than marriage.


This collaboration uses remnant fabrics of the prints from Fatma's graduate collection, made into my signature corset tops. As usual, these have been made as sustainably as possible, using Fatma's print remnants, alongside any other fabric/lining that we hade spare. We hope you love these dark prints as much as we do.


The corsets are not boned but are strengthened by the outer fabric being bonded to the lining. Not being boned makes them more comfortable than a traditional corset but still structurally sound enough to cinch you in. Garments WILL all have silver eyelets when they arrive to you, they just hadn't come when I took the photo's! All orders will come with the appropriate ribbon to lace up the corset, and a Nazar bead (evil eye) to ward off any bad luck, in keeping with Fatma's project.


*Size L corset is discounted due to faulty eyelets - I am not sure why but some of them wouldn't stay in so I'll be hand sewing round them (like on the velvet corsets)

  • Size Guide



    (in inches)


    (in inches)

    XS 22-24 28-30
    S 26-28 32-34
    M 30-32 36-38
    L 34-36 40-42
    XL 38-40 44-46

    If you are on the cusp of a size (for instance 25" waist) I would advise sizing down if you want that classic 18th century wench look, the corset should still fit fine, due to the nature of them being lace up. Otherwise it will fit more like a top, although this is of course personal preference!


  • Care Info

    - Due to the delicate nature of these corsets they are best being hand washed, alternatively I tested and you can wash under 30 on a short wash!


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