Cat O'Brien Belt Buckle

Cat O'Brien Belt Buckle

The item you have truly all been waiting for finally arrives. The Cat O'Brien Belt buckle! Starting at an initially discounted price, get yours on launch week to secure a bargain!


Long time followers of the brand will know this buckle has been floating around since last Halloween, and I've been tauntint you with it ever since. It's taken a year to get it to the point where it is easy to be manufactured for all of you at a reasonable price! I know this item won't be for everyone, but for those that do I hope it is treasured forever. It was designed by the amazing Tamzin Schneeberger , is manufacutred locally to her in France, before being finished locally to me in Surrey! Truly a labour of love in incredible quality brass, and to those of you that get it, it means the world to me. 


For those of you new to the world of Western belt buckles, the idea is that they pop on and off the belts you already have, and can then interchange with other buckles. If you're already in the yeehaw game of outlandish buckles you may well already have a belt that does this. 


But if not, fear not! You can either source one yourself so it's eactly what you want, or for an additional £10 I have sourced a job lot of vintage and deadstock belts to get you started on your interchangable buckle journey, just choose from black or brown. 


These items are made to order so please allow around 3-4 weeks for your item to arrive. If you are new to Made-to-order clothing, it is a far more sustainable way to run a brand as it means I am not making surplus that could end up un-sold! Each item is made exactly for you, so they're really special pieces to last a lifetime. 

  • Wear for life! This is a high quality piece of kit, wear it as you would anything else. Brass likes a shine every now and then, but otherwise it will just gain a lovely worn in 'old brass' look.