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Cat's Halloween Party 2020

I'd love to sit here and pretend that this Halloween spent in my bedroom with a wine watching Scream is a huge change for me, but I haven't been outside on a Halloween night since I was a child. As you will all know I love all things spooky, but I'm really more the pumpkin carving, film watching type, and I save the dressing up for every other actual day of my life. 

However, if you are mourning the loss of your annual night out dressed as a Tim Burton character, I hope this collection can bring you some joy.

 As usual, there's plenty of Period influences at play here, the standard corsets in new designs, 18thC 'mens' shirts, and a new late 20thC inspired print, along with all the modern things we need now; leopard print, t-shirts, and the second coming of The PVC Cat Bag from my graduate collection. 

Again, the collection is as ecologically conscious I could make itthe shirts and corsets are made from deadstock materials, and use ribbon that's made from recycled plastic bottles! The new t-shirts are printed on 100% cotton in Cornwall with environmentally safe water-based ink, as are the prints for the corsets.

The Collection is available to shop from NOW til Christmas. A happy spooky autumn/winter 2020 to you.

Huge thanks to all the wonderful women that helped me bring this collection to life! I'm so thrilled to have been able to work with these people, especially with three of them being UCA alumni too.

Green & Black 'Halloween de jouy' French inspired illustrations: Georgie Collinson

Red & Orange Halloween Leopard Print:  Ashmita Bissessur

Brass Cat O'Brien Logo Belt Buckle: Tamzin Schneeberger

Leopard Print Clay Earrings: La Palette Studio

Designs, styling, construction, photographs, and stunning modelling all Cat O'Brien