My Graduate Collection at uni came from a culmination of my personal interests and concerns regarding women and power, combined with the whimsical twist in a love of all things Halloween. What began as a more serious observation of the emergence of Mesmerism, Spiritualism, and Science in 19th Century Britain, and the links to Witches and women in particular, became far more to do with the range of dressing-up costumes I came across from this time. In studying these images, I was able to adapt the shapes associated with bats and witches, and develop them into classic garment structures, in particular ‘bat-sleeve’ jackets and winged skirts. In conjunction with this I brought in the historical clothing references associated with Victorian women, using corsetry in particular, and exposing the construction as features. The collection is, I hope, as dark as it is campy.

Designs, Styling, and Accessories: Cat O'Brien

Photographer: Georgia Williams

Make-Up Artist: Chase Hayden

Models: Anna Foxabbott & Cordelia Ostler