A capsule corset collection for the most wonderful time of the year. This was the first big project I made for myself after university and I wanted it to continue my ethos of whimsy with quality garments that I'd started in my graduate collection. It comprised of three different colourways of end of roll silk dupion, and was intended as a see-now-buy-now collection. All were available with or without lace, and introduced my signature styles 'Classic' a pointed front corset, and 'Top', which is straight across the bottom. Bringing that fashion spooky vibe via 'Slime', 'Pumpkin', or 'Bone' corsets, to your chosen Halloween party.



Intended to be a semi-permenant collection for Cat O'Brien, the velvet corsets stem from the Victorian influences and fabrics I love, coupled with a high demand for the colour way. They are something I wanted to be able to sell on a more long term basis, as a product that surmises my aesthetic best.



My first collaboration came via Mary Benson, a sustainable designer who hosts monthly pop-ups. Mary chose me to partake in her October 2019 pop-up, keeping in tone with my Halloween enthusiasm. Having established myself as a designer that uses a lot of dead stock & end of roll fabrics, Benson donated some of her end of roll print fabrics to make into corsets to sell at the event. 



CAT O’BRIEN x FATMA GÛL remnant collaboration. Fatma contacted me to use up the remnants from her graduate collection doing textile print. Gûl grew up within the Kurdish culture, where she was highly influenced by the textiles work of the villagers. Her graduate collection, Bleeding Flowers is a very personal concept potraying a child’s nightmare; early age marriage. She sought to bring awareness to this matter, and promote education for girls. Her ethos totally aligns with my own, and the dark nature of the prints are wonderful made into my corsets tops.